Smoke Me A Beagle, I’m Supporting Donny Mind

Cake googles. As opposed to beer googles. Or Steampunk ones.

or, how to help mental health in your town, whilst listening to music, and drinking beer

I was delighted to hear that Simon Saynor, well-known Sine FM DJ and musco-supporter-around-Doncaster, is holding “Mind Aid”, a fundraiser for Doncaster Mind, this Saturday at Cask Corner from noon while midnight. The gig will feature loads of local talent, including headliners “The Smoking Beagles”, who I’ve heard online, and who I hope to catch live on Saturday. They are every bit as good as you’d expect from a band with such an uber cool name.

I’ve not visited the Corner yet. It has the look of the sort of place that, once you pull up a seat, and the beverage of your choice, you’ll never want to leave. Given I’ve managed to make it to middle-age without being thrown out of a pub, it seems a bit late to start. However, I’ve known for awhile that it’s the regular hang out of the lovely Steampunk Doncaster folks, and have pencilled it in for a visit for some time soon.

So with Simon’s reputation for knowing great musicians, and the Cask’s reputation for good beer, it should be a brilliant afternoon / night. I’m planning to pop by for an hour or so. Sadly, I’m on a night shift, so my pint of “Sand House Blonde” will have to wait.

Saturday’s gig at the Cask is about much more than beer, however, or even the music. It’s about the fact that around one in four of us – some estimates say more – will have mental health problems at some time in our lives.

I’m guessing it’s more, given that anxiety and depression are toxic twins known to sadly too many of us. Then there are those who have so-called “severe” problems. Saying that, in what way is something that can be as crippling as anxiety, or as literally fatal as depression, not “severe”?

I’ve had both. Following a period of depression, I was later diagnosed with bipolar disorder, or “manic depression”. The latter expression sums up what a horror of a condition it is, for both the individual, and their loved ones.

The Cask Corner gig is on behalf of Doncaster Mind. These days, I work for them in a small but enjoyable capacity. Years ago, however, they were a vital source of information and support for my family.

So come on down to the Cask this Saturday, 28 June, from noon onwards. Enjoy the beer, and the company, and listen to the music. Most of all, give generously to Donny Mind. Because, unless we support them, they may not be there when we, or ours, need them.

Note: All opinions expressed are my own, and do not necessarily reflect those of Doncaster Mind.

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