James Thurber, Miss Powell, & a Dalek

No matter what I write, this owl will not be impressed.

No matter what I write, this owl will not be impressed.

If you’re on the delayed 12:14 Leeds from Doncaster, and you happen to have a disapproving notebook (above) with you, what happens?

Apparently, if you’re me (1), you write this list:

Why Write?

1) I write because it keeps me sane.
2) I write because I’m tap dancing on the edge of sanity.
3) … because, back in third grade, Miss Powell told me my sentences were “interesting”.
4) … because it’s the only way I’ll find out why someone posted a bone through Sherlock Jones’ letterbox. (2)
5) … because there are worse things to do with my time
6) … because it makes me laugh.
7) …because someday, somehow, I might help someone.
8) … because it may pay me, someday, to stay at home, and read (3)
9) Because the Dalek made me do it.
10) … to be a credit to my family.
11) … because I have a sense of humour  (see 10 above).
12) … because it’s the most fun I can have, sitting down.
13) … because I get to meet lots of interesting people: writers, artists, readers, etc.
14) … because no call centre manager in their right mind would ever hire me. 4)
15) … because I want to be the “writer in residence” at the museum dedicated to American humourist James Thurber
16) … because my mom bought me lots of great books as a kid, and, well, till she died, and I want to justify that investment of money, time, and love
17) … because I did a lot of English back in high school
18) … because I love free CDs and theatre tickets, and that’s why I do reviews
19) Because I want to build a Tardis shed.
20) … because I am frequently left unsupervised whilst there are notebooks, pens, pencils and a laptop about, sometimes for long periods of time.

Another owl: Leeds. The place is full of them.

Another owl: Leeds. The place is full of them.

1) I hope you aren’t … for both our sakes.
2) From the short story, “The Hound of the Basingstokes”
3) Research … it’s all about the research. Nothing to do with sitting in a deck chair in the back garden, drinking tea, and eating biscuits.
4) I certainly wouldn’t, if I were a call centre manager. 5)
5) I hope I don’t ever try and get a job in a call centre, because I’m so going to regret this.


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Enough about me. Art by Tom Brown.
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