“Things Fall Apart”

Arthurius Rat, 2013 - 2015

Arthur C Rat, ? Feb 2013 – 26 April 2015

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold …
– “The Second Coming“, WB Yeats

We’ve been sold a bill ‘o goods, a right bag o’ mashings:

  • “Everyone else is coping!”
  • “Real men don’t cry!”
  • “Keep calm and carry on.”
  • “Man up!” (1)
  • “Women are good at multi-tasking.” (2)

Don’t be taken in. It’s all a load of cobblers. As is:

It’s not fair!

Well, of course it isn’t. Our mums and dads teach us to be fair. Quite right, too. Imagine a world in which your average parent said: “Just go out there, darling, and be the biggest little shit you can.”

So, most if not all parents have it right: for children between around 2 to 15. Then – speaking as someone who isn’t a parent, but is an experienced child (3) – folks should sit their kids down, and say:

Remember when we told you that you should always be fair? That’s true. But please, love, don’t stress if other people aren’t.”

Life, the universe, and everything isn’t fair, either.

Take death …  please. What a piece of work.

It isn’t pretty, and it’s even bigger than God. For whilst some question His/Her/Their existence, no one who’s ever lost anyone is in any doubt about the bloke with the scythe. (4)

If I Look Sufficiently Appealing Youll Give Me Something

“Stuff philosophy, just give me toast!”

(1) See Time to Change Leeds‘ excellent campaign of the same name
(2) I’m not. I doubt you are, either.
(3) Too experienced, some would say.
(4) Not Poldark, the chap with the horse named Binky.


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2 Responses to “Things Fall Apart”

  1. Oh dear. Poor Arthur. Poor you. He looks so cute peeking out FTM the blanket.

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