Saucy is for Postcards: Public Art

Statue and church: Newcastle, February 2015

Statue and church: Newcastle, February 2015

Whenever I go out of town – which is not very often – I take my camera with me. It helps me look at things, on those days when I’d rather be hiding under the duvet with a book. (1)

Photography can act like a silent companion. Likewise, whilst I have fairly high expectations of my writing, this is not the case with photography. I am a snapper, not a photographer.

I can get terribly excited about things like this, even when the photo is bloody awful:

The Angel of the North: from the train, Feb 2015

The Angel of the North: from the train, Feb 2015

For a better view of the Angel, click here.

Least you think there’s no public art in England outside the NorthEast, I give you Exhibit A, which is from York:

Art is everywhere!: bench detail, York RR station.

Art is everywhere!: bench detail, York RR station.

Exhibit B, Sheffield:

Wall buzzards: Sheffield

Wall buzzards: Sheffield







…Exhibit C:

Greyhound (?) statue, Broadsworth Hall

Greyhound (?) statue, Broadsworth Hall, Doncaster

Or this, also from Donny:

Statue, Lakeside, Doncaster

Statue, Lakeside, Doncaster

The statue above is in the “Lakeside” area, not far from the new(ish) stadium. You may have noticed that the man, and the woman, are both naked. Did you care?

Me, neither.

I was both pleased, and somewhat disheartened, to learn today that a statue called “The Lovers” which was a central, well-known feature of the local shopping centre from the 1960s – 1980s, is due to return soon.

Pleased, because I love – as in love – public art. It gives me something to look at, to think about, to photograph.

Public art can literally brighten my day, and lift my heart. So, to read “The Lovers” described as “risque” and “saucy” was somewhat disappointing.

My mom, gods bless her, was a bit of a prude. Even she never told me to avert my eyes from this chap: a copy of Rodan’s “The Thinker”. He’s been pondering outside the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) for many a year:

The copy of Rodin's "The Thinker", outside the DIA

The copy of Rodin’s “The Thinker”, outside the DIA

Is it just me? Or is “saucy” best confined to seaside postcards, and “risque” to the poor person playing Scrabble, who’s been stuck with the “Q”?

Interact with art! Eric & the lion, Leeds 2015

Interact with art! Eric & the lion, Leeds 2015

(1) On bad days, there isn’t a book.


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8 Responses to Saucy is for Postcards: Public Art

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Loved reading this maybe would be good as larger editorial in Donco issue 10? #HiddenGems

    • Sheila North says:

      Just give the word, and let me know the deadline. Is it my enthusiasm for public art that interests you, or my exasperation with the “saucy” comment which interests you? Or both?

  2. It’s a great way to creatively play. 😉 G-uno

  3. Kathy Johnson says:

    Exhibit C is most definitely a greyhound. I’d love to see more pics of it from different angles if you ever get the chance!

    • Sheila North says:

      Happy to oblige! Broadsworth Hall gardens is a lovely place…so is the hall, for that matter. It’s a fairly short bus ride away, and I understand a nice spot to write, too, according to an author friend.

      I have five days off soon: going to put this in the diary. Notebook, camera, visit to teashop!

  4. blahpolar says:

    I love your photos of the North. Best part of England for sure.

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