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Fear and Loathing in Central Doncaster

How I Learned to Embrace Facebook, with Additional Musings on the UK General Election, Mental Health, & Oysters Doncaster isn’t where I planned to move When I Grew Up (1). I had this vague idea of living in the Southwestern … Continue reading

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Music, Dance, & Beer: Doncaster Folk Festival

The latest in the occasional series “Arty Donny” takes in the 2015 Doncaster Folk Festival. I spoke to local musician Mick Jenkinson. Doncaster Folk Festival has been going awhile, now. Is it 10 years? I have been involved for four … Continue reading

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“Shift Workers’ Delight” (TM)

Some fiction for a wet May Day weekend: “Shift Workers’ Delight” (TM) They think I’m awake. Those people on the stage: giving it their all to “Cyrano de Bergerac”. They think I’m catching every nuance, every carefully translated phrase. Every … Continue reading

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The Myth of Coping, the Lie of Perfection

“All you can do  is your best.” – Any parent, friend, health worker, etc., worth a damn My last blog was about how we’ve been sold a pup, about things like coping. Tell me, do you currently possess: 1) a … Continue reading

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