Love, Friendship, & London

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Up steeple – St. George’s, Doncaster

My husband tells me I didn’t half stare when I first clapped eyes on St. George’s. Compared to the churches I had seen back home, St George’s is large, impressive, and practically a cathedral, at least as far as looks go. It’s actually a Minster. (1)

“Back home”: which home? I have now lived in England 33 years, compared to 27 years in the states. I have no intentions to move back to America. A visit would be good: I haven’t been back for over seven years.

As far as love is concerned, I can honestly say I love both my countries. Both seem to be following an unfortunate path re. telling citizens to go back to where they came from. (2) Both have leaders who I do  not  trust to do anything save what’s in their own interest: theirs, and their rich friends.

As more and more British friends go on their holidays abroad, I’m pleased to say that we’ll be going to London for a day out some time soon. I love London, but our main purpose is to meet up with an American couple who have been my friends for over 34 years.

I can’t / don’t need to pack anything for a day trip, but I have been doing things like checking my camera is working okay, and – even more important – I know where it is.  Wondering what the weather will be like; we’ve had days of scorching heat, only to be followed by comparatively chilly, rainy days.

Whatever your holidays may be – three weeks in Rome, a fortnight in Greece, or a day trip to the Big Smoke – I wish you safe travelling, and that you enjoy the day(s).






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2 Responses to Love, Friendship, & London

  1. St Georges was a real eye-opener. Pretty much a cathedral in miniature. Loved it.

  2. Sheila N says:

    It is very impressive, inside as well as outside.

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