Trump, Mindfulness, and Unicorns

Unicorn ornament which I made many years ago

Listening to a copy of a recent phone call between President Trump and the Secretary of State for Georgia made me feel 1) sad for the people who had to listen to Trump for the vast majority of the hour-long call, and 2) of Mindfulness. Also 3) unicorns.

I’ll explain the unicorn bit. Honest. But first, hold your unicorns.

Honestly, I think if I had to listen to someone like Trump go on and on about how he hadn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t have lost the November election to Joe Biden would have had me chucking down the phone, and looking for the nearest doorway. That, or mentally counting the days until the President-elect is sworn in (20 January, so not long now).

Where does Mindfulness come into this? Based on my limited study and application of it, Mindfulness comes in everywhere, and every when. At its most basic, Mindfulness is about living in the present moment. It can be great for replacing the “chattering monkeys” of overthinking.

Regarding the Trump call, I’m thinking of a particular aspect of Mindfulness, acceptance. Acceptance, as I’ve wrote before, doesn’t mean liking an unpleasant thing. It’s about accepting that it exists, that it’s happened. Which Trump, nearly two months on from the event, seems unable/unwilling to do.

I’m not one to talk, really. I have really struggled with accepting that certain things have happened – and that, other than write about them, there’s little to nothing I can do about them.

I am getting better. I recently accepted that membership of a certain group was simply not to be, at least not this year. I’ve also accepted that there is no point regretting certain things about my past. In one case, my regret is chiefly around the pain and worry I caused others. In my heart of hearts, I know that dwelling on and overthinking my regrets would simply drive me down, thus doing no favours to the people I feel I’ve wronged.

Will Trump ever learn to accept the results, and the follow up on those results, of the election? Time alone will tell. His track record is allegedly not very good when it comes to losing, but we’re never too old to change.

As for unicorns, I love them. I have limited my hording instincts so that I have relatively few images of them. I love films which feature them, artwork featuring them, and stories about them, such as James Thurber’s fable, “The Unicorn in the Garden”.

But I accept that they don’t exist, and outside of the above, I’m never going to see one.

Ok, so if you’re past puberty that’s not such a hard one to accept. Others, like forgiving my childhood bully, have been much harder and longer in coming. But I seem to be getting better at dealing with disappointment.

I hope you deal with your own regrets with acceptance, and, yes love.

Bright blessings to us all this new year.

A unicorn, at last: drawing by Tom Brown, from “Koi Carpe Diem”

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1 Response to Trump, Mindfulness, and Unicorns

  1. Suz says:

    I watched an episode of “Paranormal: Caught on Camera” not long ago, that featured a video clip of what looked very like a unicorn in Wales. Given that anything on fun us easily doctored or otherwise manipulated, who knows? But thought you’d like to know.

    BTW, Herr Trump has never been made to understand that he’s can lose, just like everyone. It will be interesting, or terrifying, to see how all this BS turns out tomorrow.

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