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Teapot selfie

We’ve been married a ridiculously long time: so much for the friends and family who said it would never last. I think it’s more of a tribute to his patience and sense of hope; as for me, well, I can be pretty stubborn.

It’s the Sunday before May Day: fitting that I’m writing this in the garden. A garden which is rather cold, but that’s British weather for you.

It’s early evening now, and I’ve moved back inside. Another day has passed: it’s now officially May Day, a Bank Holiday. What am I doing for the bank holiday? I thought I’d do a list.


  1. Knowing that the follow up verses to “Graceful fat Sheba/ she works with a meat cleaver” is “She smiles as she hacks up a pig”.
  2. Curry is good.
  3. So is beer.
  4. Also Chinese food.
  5. That if you make savings in other areas of your life, there’s always money for another book.
  6. Wholemeal toast is better than white toast. It also smells better.
  7. It’s perfectly fine for women to have platonic male friends, and vice-versa. (1)
  8. That men can cook, women can cook, and, more over, I could learn to cook despite being in my 30s.
  9. You can bake a lot of things with wholemeal rather than plain, and they’ll turn out fine.
  10. Museums are good, good things (2)
  11. Christianity is not the only religion.
  12. A friend worth keeping is a relationship worth cultivating.
  13. Sometimes it’s nice to just be together, even if you’re doing different things (eg, one reads, the other writes).
  14. Five miles really is a long way away.
  15. Jethro Tull is quite a good band.
  16. There’s nothing abnormal about having a Dalek in your front room.
  17. Even if your house is a terrace.
  18. Singing together is fun.
  19. So is making up funny, preferably rude, lyrics to old songs.
  20. Keep track of your mobile, for pity’s sake.
  21. York is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

(1) I already knew this in theory, but it was nice to see it in practice.

(2) Again, I knew this, but good to have it confirmed.

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