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Going … Moaning … Gone?

Warnings for: extreme grumpiness; self pity; & slightly soppy nostalgia. Oh & if you want a song, it’s probably this. I have lost my original accent, though I’m continually told this is not the case. It’s gone: gone like my … Continue reading

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“Survivor”: a Poetic Blog

Women aren’t from Venus, and men aren’t from Mars. Unless of course the woman in question really is from the planet Venus, and the chap is from Mars. In which case, that’s got the potential for one hell of a … Continue reading

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“How Are You?”: Return of the Crazi

Warnings for: penciled & other swearing, bad handwriting, anger, and that old horror “How are you?” An old school selfie, for those who can’t even remember “Wings” (1), is one taken with a camera, in a mirror. It represents my … Continue reading

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