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A Congregation of One

“You’re nearer to God in a garden…” It’s not for nothing that this blog is subtitled “Musings of a British Eccentric”. How many people say: “Hiya, babes!” when they spot a blackbird whilst walking through their local park? Just for … Continue reading

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Writing, “Head Space”, and Me

I can be incredibly thick when talking to people. Including, and especially, myself. Consider the following: “Oh no, Doctor Who doesn’t return to the Beeb til autumn! What am I going to do until then?” Because those DVDs are just … Continue reading

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On Hols, Since 1986? No.

You’d think, after nearly 30 years amongst the heathens – sorry, in Doncaster – the locals would’ve stopped asking. The scene: a market stall, a few weeks back. Me: purchasing a belt. Because, even in Doncaster, it’s not considered good … Continue reading

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When God Lived in the Fisher Building

2014 has been a surprisingly good year for me. (1) Not such a great one for humanity. If I were the Almighty, I’d be seriously hacked off. Shootings and stabbings, mass and otherwise, abound. This old world, to borrow a … Continue reading

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Christmas, and the Mythology of Death

If you read the title of this blog, and rubbed your seasonally cold hands in anticipation of a rant about the truth, or lack thereof, of the Christmas story, you’re outta luck. “Never a Christmas morning, never an old year … Continue reading

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