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“With Extra Points for Neatness”

Some February fiction for you … With Extra Points for Neatness by Sheila North Margaret Pennyworth was nothing if not direct. “I’ve decided to deactivate you. I am sorry.” Her parents had been big on superficial politeness, so the phrase, … Continue reading

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Spock Wept! Further Curses for Our Times

Warnings for: Swearing (duh), substantive sci fi references, & an elegant sufficiency of alternative swear words (because anything else would be flippity-floppity). Why, oh why, is swearing such goddamn fun? And – especially for non-smokers, though I’ve met plenty of … Continue reading

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“Shift Workers’ Delight” (TM)

Some fiction for a wet May Day weekend: “Shift Workers’ Delight” (TM) They think I’m awake. Those people on the stage: giving it their all to “Cyrano de Bergerac”. They think I’m catching every nuance, every carefully translated phrase. Every … Continue reading

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