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The Myth of Coping, the Lie of Perfection

“All you can do¬† is your best.” – Any parent, friend, health worker, etc., worth a damn My last blog was about how we’ve been sold a pup, about things like coping. Tell me, do you currently possess: 1) a … Continue reading

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“Things Fall Apart”

“Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold …” – “The Second Coming“, WB Yeats We’ve been sold a bill ‘o goods, a right bag o’ mashings: “Everyone else is coping!” “Real men don’t cry!” “Keep calm and carry on.” “Man … Continue reading

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Choosing the Blackbird

“This is the song of summer…” – from Aerial, by Kate Bush Long before I heard the song, I associated your cheery “chirrup” with dawn, and twilight, and warmth. The kitchen door open, to let in the fresher air. The … Continue reading

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