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Tripping the Light Atlantic

Disclaimer: To quote the copy of “Brideshead Revisted” that is currently MIA on one of our many bookshelves: “I am not me. You are not you.” …or something like that. Yes, I could look up the quote on the net, … Continue reading

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Poetry Day, Immigrant’s Song

I spent World Poetry Day doing a stand at the local library services literature festival, “Turn the Page”. At one point I took part in the “Poetry Cafe”, where I read a poem about war, “The Crows, the Crows”. Yep, … Continue reading

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“What! No Pudding?” Collection Out Now!

Happy December! American readers, I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. In the UK? Not long til you can celebrate Boxing Day, and buy a settee. Since arriving in GreenandPleasantland, I’ve made it my on-and-off mission to flood … okay, … Continue reading

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Sweets, Treats, and the Quick and the Dead

Hallowe’en, how I love thee. Especially here in South Yorks, where the voices of protest about this “American holiday” are slowly dying out, like leaves on an autumnal (1) tree. I’m not sure when we started offering sweets to the … Continue reading

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Love & the Age of Rebellion

I sometimes speculate on what my kids would be like. Would, for example, they be freakishly tall – ie, over 5’8″? Would their Yorkshire accents be tainted by my Amshire* one? Would we have a son who inherited his father’s … Continue reading

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