I moved to S Yorks from Michigan when I was young, foolish, and madly in love. I’m still here, still foolish, still in love, and … yep. I’ve also acquired British citizenship, and a right dodgy accent.

My dark fantasy, “The Woodcutter’s Son“, is available from Amazon, as are two short story collections, “What! No Pudding?” and “Koi Carpe Diem“.

Banner art above is by the fabulous Tom Brown. Tom is the artist who created the cover art for “Pudding” and “Koi Carpe”, and who drew four illustrations – including Lance the unicorn, pictured in the banner art above – for “Koi Carpe”.

I live in Doncaster with my husband, and a Dalek named Gerald.

Proud to be part of  Time to Change.

Gerald C Dalek takes a dim view of merriment

Make Gerald’s day: send him a comment!

5 Responses to About

  1. Bipasha says:

    Hi Sheila, I’m thrilled that you are following my blog, thanks so much 😀

  2. tearlines says:

    Haha wow. You had me at Dalek. 😉

  3. I like your Dalek and Tardis!

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