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Hospital, My Father, and the Right to Grieve

As I write this. the local blackbird is singing its heart out. It’s around 05:30 am. The sun will be rising as I’m writing this . on a mental health hospital ward, again. I’m a bit ashamed to say that … Continue reading

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Dead Men’s Chair

The chair in front of the desk has two pieces of clothing on it. One is an orange jacket: plain; fairly big; in relatively good condition. The other is green and white; small(er); patterned with lines of x’s, and quite … Continue reading

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Oh Very Young: a Blog for Mother’s Day

“Oh very young / what we leave at this time / we’re only dancing on this earth for a short while …” – Cat Stevens, “Oh Very Young” Hi, Mom. It’s nearly Mother’s Day. This year’s song is by Cat … Continue reading

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It is Margaret We Mourn for: a Poetic Blog

“Margaret are you grieving Over Goldengrove unleaving? Leaves like the things of man, You, with your fresh thoughts care for, can you?“ “Spring and Fall“, Gerard Manley Hopkins (1880) As a morbid adolescent, I fell in love with this poem … Continue reading

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Death & Resilience in Wolverhampton

Warnings: Whinging, alleged morbidness, and a grey squirrel: the most foul-mouthed of North American creatures. “It is the supple tree which bends in the gale, while the one that is stiff and rigid either snaps or is pulled up by … Continue reading

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