Doctor Who, & Poetry

Sometimes even the Doctor comes a cropper. Cat played by the late Al the Pal.

I had a dream a few nights ago: no, it didn’t feature a giant cat, but it did feature David Tennant (the 10th Doctor).

In the dream, I was a published poet in numerous magazines. Someone was helping me go through an almost endless collection of magazines, trying to find my poems. In the course of this, we saw a lot of poems by Matt Smith (the 11th Doctor), and, to a lesser extent, David Tennant. After that the dream changed. I don’t remember much else.

Who’s da poet?

I had another dream about poetry a few days earlier. I remember next to nothing about it, save that when I woke up, I was thinking of The Song of Amergin. “I am a stag of seven tines. I am a hill of poetry. …”

What does dreaming of poetry signify? Or dreaming of Doctor Who? In the case of the former, I think it means I’m taking my poetry much more seriously these days. As for Doctor Who, it probably indicates I’m thinking about when the new series starts.

I can’t say “only I would dream of Doctor Who and poetry in the same dream”. I’m sure there are more poets out there who are also Doctor Who fans. But there can’t be that many of us around.

Embracing my weird: with Gerald C Dalek, & Jake the Cat. 2004.

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