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Enough Adulting Already: Cancer & Me

Another day, another check up: per usual, at the hospital where I spent my first few stays on psych ward. The ward relocated years ago to a separate, purpose built location, but a shiver still goes down my bipolar spine … Continue reading

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Build Your Own Skaro: the Biopsy which Wasn’t

Yesterday, I went to hospital for a(nother) biopsy. Except, it didn’t happen. The lovely woman who tried to explain why gave it three goes before I told her not to attempt a third. After all, “Life is uncertain – eat … Continue reading

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A “Who” of My Favourite Things

Not all the best things in life are free. Even love comes at a cost: not necessarily financial. As for the next best thing, here in the UK at least, you need a license. Yep, it’s that time of year: … Continue reading

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James Thurber, Miss Powell, & a Dalek

If you’re on the delayed 12:14 Leeds from Doncaster, and you happen to have a disapproving notebook (above) with you, what happens? Apparently, if you’re me (1), you write this list: Why Write? 1) I write because it keeps me … Continue reading

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Writing, “Head Space”, and Me

I can be incredibly thick when talking to people. Including, and especially, myself. Consider the following: “Oh no, Doctor Who doesn’t return to the Beeb til autumn! What am I going to do until then?” Because those DVDs are just … Continue reading

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