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One Shutterbug: Point of View – A Poetic Blog, for Father’s Day

This poem was written for my father. I hope he likes it. In its own way, this is one of the most personal things I’ve ever posted. One Shutterbug: Point of View shutterbug (n) – β€œan amateur photographer, especially one … Continue reading

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Like Wheat that Springeth Green: Easter

Most adults accept that, even after great loss, in some form at least, love will come again. After bereavement, though grief never truly leaves us, there is always love enough out there for new friendships, perhaps a new partner, or … Continue reading

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A Child’s 1960s Christmas in Suburbia

It begins with a tree: enormous even when I was a small – in every sense – child. It was huge still when I was an only slightly taller adolescent, and we lived in a much bigger house. Mom was … Continue reading

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Wisdom, and the “Place of Understanding”

“Whence comes wisdom, and where is the place of understanding?” – The Bible “Do you know where you’re going to?” – The theme from “Mahogany“ A former-Protestant turned Pagan, my most profound religious moment happened in an Orthodox church. Most … Continue reading

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Tripping the Light Atlantic

Disclaimer: To quote the copy of “Brideshead Revisted” that is currently MIA on one of our many bookshelves: “I am not me. You are not you.” …or something like that. Yes, I could look up the quote on the net, … Continue reading

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