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Suicide, Resonance, and the Tribe of Aunties

“I guess they were all my sons.” – “All My Sons” (1947), by Arthur Miller When you work in mental health, and you’re open about your own problems, the subject of suicide often comes up. It’s not giving away confidentiality … Continue reading

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The Richard Tauber Effect

“You’re a writer, so write! Maybe you’ve got something to say.” – Harold Ross, editor of “The New Yorker”, to James Thurber(1) Everyone has talent. You, me, the dustman, the dustman’s daughter’s second cousin’s brother-in-law’s daughter. I’m not talking about … Continue reading

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Love & the Age of Rebellion

I sometimes speculate on what my kids would be like. Would, for example, they be freakishly tall – ie, over 5’8″? Would their Yorkshire accents be tainted by my Amshire* one? Would we have a son who inherited his father’s … Continue reading

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When the Village is Afraid

“It takes a village to raise a child.” – African saying A few months ago, my friend and I were at a crossing near my home. A child of around 10 rode his bike through the crossing: this despite the … Continue reading

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A Citizen of the Empire

It threw it down on the Jubilee Bank Holiday, back in June 2012. Just as well that first flush of wanting to persuade my disparate, and probably indifferent, neighbours to somehow “come together” via a street party came to nowt. … Continue reading

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