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Being with Birds

Interrupting this blog to go feed the little – and not so little – feathered guys. And possibly one small squirrel… I have no pets, save the wild birds. They aren’t quite as cosseted as the cats – and one … Continue reading

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Camp Cusworth v Camp Wakanda

I haven’t been to a camp for over 46 years, not unless you count the long weekend my friend & I spent in a teepee near Balmoral. “Camp Cusworth” refers to the mental health ward I was on from early … Continue reading

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Slim(ish), 60, and Mad

Hi Mom Slim(ish), 60, and Mad Hi Mom: Yes, I’m still here, despite myself. Yes, I am (comparatively) slim again, thanks to the Depression Diet, and a lack of appetite. Feeling that I look like myself again: that is, the … Continue reading

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An Inelegant Deficiency: Anxiety, Writing, & Loss

“It’s an act of faith. It’s going on when you no longer believe. It’s walking right into that wilderness.” – Natalie Goldberg, “Wild Mind” “I’ve had an elegant sufficiency, and anything else would be flippity floppity.” – my mum-in-law What … Continue reading

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Lurgy, the Protestant Work Ethic, & Me

Warnings for: self pity, hacking cough, the smell of onions, strong likelihood of swearing. I spotted the happy looking little chap with the bow tie, and arresting blue eyes, over the weekend, at a writing day with some writerly friends. … Continue reading

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