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A Number of Frozen Balloons

Feeling a bit frozen this weekend – no, not that – due to a heavy snowfall, and life events. Heavy for round here that is, it isn’t the snow of my Michigan childhood and young adulthood. Yesterday I did something … Continue reading

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Right now, I’m typing & writing away with the members of the London Writers’ Salon. Except I’m not. The group holds Zoom meetings, and despite having taken part in numerous such meetings, I still struggle with technology. And writing. In … Continue reading

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Slim(ish), 60, and Mad

Hi Mom Slim(ish), 60, and Mad Hi Mom: Yes, I’m still here, despite myself. Yes, I am (comparatively) slim again, thanks to the Depression Diet, and a lack of appetite. Feeling that I look like myself again: that is, the … Continue reading

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23 Random & Not So Random Reasons Why I Love Steampunk

  Being a List of the Various, Sundry, and Indeed Random Reasons I Enjoy Steampunk, with Occasional Interruptions by Weasels, Stoats, & a Badger Who Likes to Play Suduko, as Well as Praise for the Beauty that is Doncaster Mansion … Continue reading

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Some flash fiction for you. Warning: do not eat while reading. I wanted that dress. I mean, brick through the pvc window; alarm goes off; blood on shattered glass, and hands, and frock; dress itself proper shredded as I drag … Continue reading

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