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Blue Food, Yellow Snow, and the Avoidance of Fookwits

Over the years, I’ve worked on several helplines. Part of the brief is that we can suggest things, but should not give advice. This means that I have simply a cornfield full of advice – some mine, some given to … Continue reading

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When “Just Getting on With It” Is No Longer Enough

I’d like to say my proudest moment at an October “Time to Change” event in Durham was when I accidentally swore – twice, it was a bad accident -during a talk in a Methodist church. Oh, and in front of … Continue reading

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Suicide, Resonance, and the Tribe of Aunties

“I guess they were all my sons.” – “All My Sons” (1947), by Arthur Miller When you work in mental health, and you’re open about your own problems, the subject of suicide often comes up. It’s not giving away confidentiality … Continue reading

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A Toast to the Old Man

Celery sticks, filled with peanut butter, or pimento cheese, nuzzling up to warm wine, and cold beer: it can only mean Dad’s extended family was coming round. Batten down the hatches, and prepare to be kissed on both cheeks. We … Continue reading

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Did I Know Where I Was Going to?

…of course not. “Life is what happens when you’re making other plans” – John Lennon It was, I suppose, the obvious choice for a class song. The film was relatively recent, the singer, a home town girl…that is, if the … Continue reading

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