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Aardvarks, Coffee, and Rock ‘n Roll

“It’s something I always thought about when I came back to Doncaster,” says “The Notorious Aardvark Record Shop” proprietor Simon Saynor. “I thought: ‘Doncaster needs a proper record shop. Why don’t I do it? Every major town has an independent … Continue reading

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Sweets, Treats, and the Quick and the Dead

Hallowe’en, how I love thee. Especially here in South Yorks, where the voices of protest about this “American holiday” are slowly dying out, like leaves on an autumnal (1) tree. I’m not sure when we started offering sweets to the … Continue reading

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“How are You?” is Not a Question

“Light the blue touch paper, and retreat…” I don’t remember the Ugly Sisters’ names, don’t even know if they have names. I am not originally from These Parts. The only panto I’ve ever seen was “Aladdin”. In this blog, there … Continue reading

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Arty Donny: “Phantom Cinema”

  Note: This is the first in a series of blogs about local entertainment and other cultural events which are happening in and around Doncaster, which I’m calling “Arty Donny“. I recently rounded up Jon Kelly, Donald Lownes-Sanderson, and Paul … Continue reading

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Blue Food, Yellow Snow, and the Avoidance of Fookwits

Over the years, I’ve worked on several helplines. Part of the brief is that we can suggest things, but should not give advice. This means that I have simply a cornfield full of advice – some mine, some given to … Continue reading

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