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Seize the Fish! “Koi Carpe Diem” Out Now

“There are advantages to being known locally as an eccentric.” – from “Sherlock Jones & the Hound of the Basingstokes” I am writing this whilst eating racked toast. “Racked toast”, as many connoisseurs of breakfast foods know, is toast which … Continue reading

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“How Are You?”: Return of the Crazi

Warnings for: penciled & other swearing, bad handwriting, anger, and that old horror “How are you?” An old school selfie, for those who can’t even remember “Wings” (1), is one taken with a camera, in a mirror. It represents my … Continue reading

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This is Not Art, and I am Not Here

What was Yoko Ono playing at, writing “This is Not Here” above a door, and calling it art? And how do I go about making some dosh myself, putting a sign that says something like, “This is Not a Penguin” … Continue reading

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Think of a Beatles Tune: a Poetic Blog

Age, like that bus you so desperately needed to catch, just doesn’t hang about. So much love poetry, so little time. And so few celebrating when the hands which hold are both wrinkled, and have age spots, and not tattoos. … Continue reading

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“A Bread-and-Butter Town”: Yorkshire Day

“Tha can always tell a Yorkshireman, but tha can’t tell him much.” – Anon. Warnings for: unashamed flag waving, and patriotism of the adopted-county-kind Today is Yorkshire Day: 1 August. It’s a date which is also significant to me, as … Continue reading

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