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The Penguins at Number 39: a Seasonal Story

Some December fiction for you The Penguins at No. 39 “…so here it IS / Merry XMAS / Everybody’s having FUNNNN….” Bang! Bang! Thump! “Wooizzit?” Jack Spratt reached out one long, lean limb to try and steady himself, missed, and … Continue reading

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A Child’s 1960s Christmas in Suburbia

It begins with a tree: enormous even when I was a small – in every sense – child. It was huge still when I was an only slightly taller adolescent, and we lived in a much bigger house. Mom was … Continue reading

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A Slice of Christmas Cake

More November fiction for you A Slice of Christmas Cake She baked it back in October, when things were merely bad, rather than downright awful. It was something she looked forward to each year: a precursor of the festivities to … Continue reading

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Battle of the Bipolar Bulge

“Thin may be in, but fat is where it’s at.” – Anon. Bizarely, when I came out of the manic-depressive broom cupboard to some friends, one told me about a close relative with bipolar. My other friend had gone out … Continue reading

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Home for Christmas

Warning! This blog is rated PG. Your Parent(s) may need Guidance. Bad language, ranting, & potentially offensive mug shot. Of a mug. Christmas’s Terrible Twin is New Year’s Eve and Day. I like the Eve bit (Jools Holland’s “Hootananny!” Bagpipes! … Continue reading

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