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Smoke Me A Beagle, I’m Supporting Donny Mind

…or, how to help mental health in your town, whilst listening to music, and drinking beer I was delighted to hear that Simon Saynor, well-known Sine FM DJ and musco-supporter-around-Doncaster, is holding “Mind Aid”, a fundraiser for Doncaster Mind, this … Continue reading

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The Dalek in the Room

I tend to think of him as “our Gerald”. Which is either very Yorkshire of me, or sort of condescending. Or both. (Hang on: is anyone fool enough as to be patronising towards a Dalek? Er, yes.) Gerald came into … Continue reading

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Can You Hear Me? A Blog for Father’s Day

You came to mind again recently, whilst I was out in the garden on a sunny, Sunday afternoon. I’d been thinking about bringing the deck chair you gave me up from the cellar, so I could enjoy the weather in … Continue reading

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How to be Terribly, Terribly British

This post is dedicated to our beloved PM David Wotsit, and his Education Minister, Wotsit Gove, who came up with the grand idea of asking schools to teach “British values”. Here are some pointers to get them started. 1) Watch … Continue reading

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