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When Characters Come to Tea

It had been awhile since we last spoke: several years, in fact. Once, we were like siblings, except closer. Then we drifted apart, as siblings often do. I got on with my life. Who knows what he did. Then, a … Continue reading

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What’s with all the Sweetcorn?

I have a problem with British cuisine. A small, yellow problem. Fish and chips? Love it. They’re a significant, if occasional, part of why I’m pescetarian, rather than a strict vegetarian. British sweets? Oh, yes. Those two great staple foods, … Continue reading

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Not Just a Walk in the Park

I have a lot of stupid fears. Just last night I shrieked when I found what was, at second glance, a long-dead spider. I mean, I’ve seen episodes of “Neighbours” with more life in them. So, arachnophobia, check. Fear of … Continue reading

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“You’re White, and You Speak English”

It’s a peculiar experience, one recently shared by my American colleague Monica, and probably most if not all the estimated 250,000 of us who live in this green and – usually – pleasant land. Someone starts speaking about “foreigners”. Along … Continue reading

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“To begin at the beginning … “

It began with a letter, in an innocuous, light weight blue envelope. Except it didn’t. In fact, both paper and envelope were white. Only the ink hinted at the writer’s individuality. My correspondent used a fountain pen. The look of … Continue reading

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