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Like the Green Bay Tree

“It is good, and not evil, which flourishes like the green bay tree.” – Unknown This is about the town of Doncaster, some overdue apologies, and a good man named Colin, who died last week. About the right to mourn, … Continue reading

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Tripping the Light Atlantic

Disclaimer: To quote the copy of “Brideshead Revisted” that is currently MIA on one of our many bookshelves: “I am not me. You are not you.” …or something like that. Yes, I could look up the quote on the net, … Continue reading

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The Ghost of a Sign

Where do we draw the line between inspiration, and imitation? Who decides whether “West Side Story” is a fully fledged work in its own right, rather than just another “Romeo and Juliet” remake? It helps, of course, when you have … Continue reading

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Suicide, Resonance, and the Tribe of Aunties

“I guess they were all my sons.” – “All My Sons” (1947), by Arthur Miller When you work in mental health, and you’re open about your own problems, the subject of suicide often comes up. It’s not giving away confidentiality … Continue reading

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When the Village is Afraid

“It takes a village to raise a child.” – African saying A few months ago, my friend and I were at a crossing near my home. A child of around 10 rode his bike through the crossing: this despite the … Continue reading

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