White Wine Supernova in the Back Garden

Cup o’ brown joy

It will come as no surprise that today’s song – yes, I’ve gone back to that – is this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tI-5uv4wryI

Champagne isn’t really my thing. I do miss having the occasional glass of cold white wine. And what better place to consume it than a lovely garden?

Sadly, my garden isn’t lovely … yet, at least. I am trying (1) to turn it into a beautiful plant filled experience, with the addition of several bird friendly feeders & features (eg, the RSPB birdbath, which needs to be moved to a level bit of ground, assuming there is such a thing in our garden).

I’ve been listening to a lot of Oasis lately thanks to Youtube. I particularly like “Champagne Supernova”, and of course “Don’t Look Back in Anger”, the video of which features Patrick MacNee, looking like a fine example of an older woman’s eye candy. Oasis is better than I remember, possibly because I was too taken at the time with Blur’s “Woo hoo!” song.

Chaircat of the garden: Beltane, 2017: Al E. Cat

Sadly, I will be without feline company this year, unless some of the neighbour’s cats choose to pop by, and stick around. I really should set up the chair (above) and see what/who I catch. That chair was a regular cat magnet as far as the late Al was concerned. I seem to recall that Jake also loved those chairs.

I’ve just come in from spending an hour or so out there, planting and weeding. I’d almost forgotten how nice it can be to sit on a garden chair, and have a cuppa.

It’ll probably have to be tea and cake – or biscuits – for me, for the time being, rather than wine and cheese. I’m on some/one med which doesn’t mix well with booze. Nothing wrong with tea and cake, though. Even better than a champagne supernova.

(1)I can be very trying.

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6 Responses to White Wine Supernova in the Back Garden

  1. Suz Stevens says:

    A nice cardboard box will almost always bring a cat into available space.

    I’d bet good catnip on it.

  2. Nimue Brown says:

    I’m a huge fan of self sorting, largely unkillable plants… lavender, granny bonnets, lemonbalm – and just leaving them to fight it out between them, which is mostly what’s going on in my small pot garden at the moment.

  3. Sheila N says:

    Or Fred?

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