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On Hols, Since 1986? No.

You’d think, after nearly 30 years amongst the heathens – sorry, in Doncaster – the locals would’ve stopped asking. The scene: a market stall, a few weeks back. Me: purchasing a belt. Because, even in Doncaster, it’s not considered good … Continue reading

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The Last Leaf’s Youngest Daughter

“There is no love without loss.” There are two old men in my life. One of them is a rodent. Of all the relationships which hid the skids when I lost it, the one between myself and my father is … Continue reading

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Sitting Next to Andy

I am sitting on one of the beige sofas – fake leather, probably plastic. Chosen for its ability to be mopped clean of tea, and sweat, and less savoury substances. Next to me, Andy. Chain-smoker. Creator of some of the … Continue reading

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Choosing the Blackbird

“This is the song of summer…” – from Aerial, by Kate Bush Long before I heard the song, I associated your cheery “chirrup” with dawn, and twilight, and warmth. The kitchen door open, to let in the fresher air. The … Continue reading

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The Shred of a Shed

 “People bother me. I come here to hide from them.” – George Bernard Shaw I have the beginning of a writer’s shed. Not a rotating summerhouse on a stick, like GBS. Nor even the DIY bits ‘n bats of lumber … Continue reading

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