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Think of a Beatles Tune: a Poetic Blog

Age, like that bus you so desperately needed to catch, just doesn’t hang about. So much love poetry, so little time. And so few celebrating when the hands which hold are both wrinkled, and have age spots, and not tattoos. … Continue reading

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Tripping the Light Atlantic

Disclaimer: To quote the copy of “Brideshead Revisted” that is currently MIA on one of our many bookshelves: “I am not me. You are not you.” …or something like that. Yes, I could look up the quote on the net, … Continue reading

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Fat, Fifty & Mad: A Blog for Mother’s Day

“Over the hills and far away…” It’s an odd song to think of, yet it seems to fit. I know you used to pine for the hills of Tennessee. As a child, you travelled there every summer with your parents, … Continue reading

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Suicide, Resonance, and the Tribe of Aunties

“I guess they were all my sons.” – “All My Sons” (1947), by Arthur Miller When you work in mental health, and you’re open about your own problems, the subject of suicide often comes up. It’s not giving away confidentiality … Continue reading

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The Rainbow Connection: 1917 – 1919

“The doughboy he went over the top / Because he had no place to stop…Hinky, Dinky, Par le voo.” – Mademoiselle from Armentieres I am the third owner of the helmet shown in the photo above: the fourth, if you … Continue reading

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