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Clocking On

There once was an old man who lived in a two up, two down in the Balby area of Doncaster. He was a bit of a hoarder, at least when it came to timepieces. Carriage clocks, star burst clocks, clocks … Continue reading

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The Shamanic Bear Who Was Troubled By Owls

There once was an old bear who was a shaman for the creatures in the Cantley area of Doncaster. Though he was a powerful shaman – some said, the most powerful in all of the borough – one winter, he … Continue reading

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Books v Kebab Boxes

I was quite glad I hoovered the carpet, the day before we had three paramedics in our bedroom. They weren’t there for any kind of hi-jinks: my idea of a good time doesn’t involve having three ECGs in the course … Continue reading

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The EU, Motherhood, & the Patriotism of Love

Warnings: Heavy duty meandering; patriotism mostly of the ‘love & peace, man’ variety; inevitable whinging. Having been a UK resident for over half my life, I am cautious when it comes to anything which approaches even the slightest breeze of … Continue reading

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The All Singing, All Dancing, Dos & Don’ts Post-Surgery Blog

Mash yourself a cuppa – it’s early, after all – grab a biscuit – yes, I know it’s early, but so what? – and off we go! Because reading my post-surgery pearls of wisdom is high up your to do … Continue reading

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