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Clocking On

There once was an old man who lived in a two up, two down in the Balby area of Doncaster. He was a bit of a hoarder, at least when it came to timepieces. Carriage clocks, star burst clocks, clocks … Continue reading

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The Shamanic Bear Who Was Troubled By Owls

There once was an old bear who was a shaman for the creatures in the Cantley area of Doncaster. Though he was a powerful shaman – some said, the most powerful in all of the borough – one winter, he … Continue reading

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One Shutterbug: Point of View – A Poetic Blog, for Father’s Day

This poem was written for my father. I hope he likes it. In its own way, this is one of the most personal things I’ve ever posted. One Shutterbug: Point of View shutterbug (n) – β€œan amateur photographer, especially one … Continue reading

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23 Random & Not So Random Reasons Why I Love Steampunk

  Being a List of the Various, Sundry, and Indeed Random Reasons I Enjoy Steampunk, with Occasional Interruptions by Weasels, Stoats, & a Badger Who Likes to Play Suduko, as Well as Praise for the Beauty that is Doncaster Mansion … Continue reading

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An Inelegant Deficiency: Anxiety, Writing, & Loss

“It’s an act of faith. It’s going on when you no longer believe. It’s walking right into that wilderness.” – Natalie Goldberg, “Wild Mind” “I’ve had an elegant sufficiency, and anything else would be flippity floppity.” – my mum-in-law What … Continue reading

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