Same Town, Different Wheels

Blue sky wheeling

Blue sky wheeling: Doncaster 2016

In my last post, I wrote about how the sound of my own wheels drove me (kinda) crazy. My recovery – I know this is a controversial word in some circles, but damn it I’m using it anyway – is ongoing, including and most annoyingly regular nightmares, which would be dull if they weren’t so blooming scary.

Meanwhile, Doncaster and S Yorkshire have kept on listening to the sounds of their own bicycle wheels, including and especially the upcoming cycle race  known as the “Tour de Yorkshire“.

As a non sporty person, one my favourite things about this upcoming (29 April – 1 May) race is spotting the yellow bicycles which are the symbol of the event. Sometimes, I just love this town, and its residents.

Case in point:

"We're cycling in the air ..."

“We’re cycling in the air …” : Waterdale, Doncaster

Sorry it’s not a better photo, I was trying not to include my own reflection in the picture.

Of course, no article about a cycling event is complete without the words of the Divine Freddie. I for one am proud to “make the rocking world go round“.

Meanwhile, I just can’t get enough of those yellow – or indeed other – cycles, too. Here’s another one from the display in the local shopping centre, the Frenchgate (if you’re below the age of 50) or Arndale (if you remember when Paul McCartney was in Wings (1):

Not sure why this cycle is white: perhaps they ran out of yellow paint?

Not sure why this cycle is white: perhaps they ran out of yellow paint?

Back for the moment to the subject of recovery, I recently told a friend that the list of things that indicate that I’m becoming (comparatively) well after a period of illness  include making a pot of tea with leaves, and using a toast rack again:

Robin mug with favourite toast rack

Robin mug with favourite toast rack

Cue my favourite song about Toast

Yeah, I didn’t have to include links to so many music videos (2), but it does tie into the subject of recovery. When I’m unwell, I can’t be bothered to do anything, let alone play about with Youtube. Now, though, I’m listening to it again, not just for songs from my largely wasted youth, but also hunting for favourite moments from Doctor Who. Current favourite? This fan mashup from the brilliant Christmas special of 2015, featuring the touching conclusion to the River Song / Doctor story. (3)

Taking photos is also a good indicator that I’m coming out of the mire of anxiety and/or depression. This is another one from the local shopping centre:

Cycle shack!

Cycle shack!

I read recently that Londoners, during the Blitz, changed the usual greeting from “Good night” to “Good night and good luck”, as they didn’t know if they would make it through the night.

Here’s to whatever gets you through the day, and the nighttime, too.

A cuppa and a biscuit

A cuppa and a biscuit

(1) One of the few pop songs from my childhood which seems to have been played more in the US than the UK, judging from how I’ve never seen this on a 70s music retrospective since I’ve moved to the UK
(2) Yeah, I still call them videos. It’s because I’m old.
(3) A programme which manages to change from screwball comedy, to a touching, adult love story.

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