Immigrant’s Song: a Poetic Blog


You pick it up like cigarette or a mint,

roll it round in your fingers try the heft of it

try on the accent like a cap feel it slip

don’t you ecky thump me you dumb ass thick git


I have worn my flat cap, I have seen

the smiles which we provoke,

you in your cap, me in me cap.

Shall I get a duffle coat

to wrap this foreign body in?

Or, if an anorak, shall I be forced

to spot trains, not merely ride in them?


Dare I eat a gooseberry?

Dare I pronounce it?


I practice my “ooo” sounds

like some run round ragged rocks.

Say them now: Duke, tulip,



The next person to mention

Trump, Vietnam, The Deer Hunter,

Laredo, will get a clip right up yo’ head


Oh, bring me me flat cap,

a bit o’ black pudding!

I shall carry white roses.

I shall drink my beer strong,

my tea weak!

The fish shall lay down

with the chip,

the eh

with the up.



About Sheila N

Enough about me. Art by Tom Brown.
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